Probation Violation Attorney in Tampa

Facing a Violation of Probation or Community Control in the Tampa Bay area, could mean that you are facing up to the maximum possible jail or prison time even if you are a first time offender. Furthermore, the system provides for a much lower burden of proof for the state attorney than for the original criminal charges. This makes it even easier for the state to prove the case against you. Probation Officer will often times issue a warrant for your arrest and if arrested on the warrant, you will in many situations not be able to bond out. Furthermore, even if you were not originally convicted of the charge, the judge will have to convict you if he finds that you violated probation and revoked your probation. Given that situation, it can be hard to fight a violation of probation or community control. Therefore, it is even more important at that stage to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

What The Wade Law Firm Can Do For You?

If you hire the firm before you are arrested on your Violation of Probation / Violation of Community Control Warrant, we may be able to help you resolve the Violation of Probation and the Warrant Without having you arrested on the warrant. And we may be able to avoid jail time altogether.

At The Wade Law Firm, we are extremely aggressive and fight every angle of your case, including whether or not the court has followed the proper procedure when you were sentenced to probation. We also look to make sure that the state attorney's office can prove that you violated probation, which includes whether or not the state attorney's office is able to bring all of the witnesses to court to testify. Even if the court followed the proper procedure and the state can prove the violation, we have still been able to get a violation dismissed after working successfully with the state and the court.